Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flea Market Decorating

Decorating with flea market finds can be fun and challenging. Fun when you find something that works as is, challenging when you need to refurbish an item. If possible look for things that can be used with little to no repair. Repairs and updates can be as simple as cleaning or painting. Other repairs or refurbishing can include new electrical wiring, altering an item or general repairs. So before you commit to flea market decorating make sure you have a few practical skills and a lot of patience. The results can be an exciting and beautiful home for a fraction of the cost of new furnishings. Also a visit to your local bookstore can be a valuable tool also. Decorating magazines are full of ideas how to restore old furniture and accessories. There are wonderful books filled with pictures of flea market finds. Good Luck on your Flea Market Style experiences.

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